Anne Matte

My name is Anne Matte, and I am a journalism student at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa studying news internet journalism. I am learning new techniques regarding social media, multimedia content, writing and graphic design. Graphic design and multimedia are fun and interesting areas of study, and I love augmenting my content with images and video. I’ve had plenty of experience writing articles and making media for my articles and social media since coming to Drake, and I could not be happier in my choice of school or major.

I am originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and my home city has done much to inspire who I am today. My hobbies include traveling, hiking, road trips, compiling playlists, petting dogs and reading. I’ve recently been on trips to St. Louis, Missouri; Hot Springs, Arkansas; and Garden of the Gods, Illinois. I like writing journals on my travels, ad I’ve decided to put those journals on this website for my friends, family and others to peruse, along with some of my more professional work. I enjoy writing on my trips because it documents the experience so that I can share it with others, and this site makes that even easier to do. Journalism and travel combine to make my ultimate career goal: to work as a freelance journalist with stories from around the world. I’m always looking for new places to travel and news things to experience!

Journalism took hold of me in sophomore year of high school when I heard about unjust happenings abroad, and then rooted deeper when National Geographic became a part of my household. More magazines and newspapers made their way onto my shelves, and my travel and journalism itches grew. Now, at Drake, I’m putting my enthusiasm to work in Des Moines, and I look forward to new opportunities in Des Moines and elsewhere.

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